So, you want to make you own character sheet, yeah? That`s easy!

Just fork one of the repositirs, listed on "Add sheet" page - for example, repository for mortal.

After for forking, read readme file for repository. Usually you should put forked code on your web server and it should serve .json files as mime type application/json - that`s enough for viewing and editing charsheet.

What to do?

There is infinite number of possibilities to do with character sheet - change background, stats, add images, new fields, calculators, translations, fonts...

What we need right now:

  1. Character sheet for vampire in VTM
  2. Character sheet for mage from Mage: the Ascension
  3. Character sheet for Changeling
  4. Character sheet for Werewolfs
  5. Character sheet for Wraith
  6. Russian versions of character sheets
  7. Character sheets for clans, traditions, houses, etc. Usually it is enough just to change background and write clan flaw :)