Charsheet.su is a resource for creating, editing, comparing and sharing character sheets. Characters sheets are fully interactive and printable. You can create your characters, assign their attributes, collaborate with your game master, comment on them, print sheets and so on and so on...

Originally it is created for the Vampire the masquerade setting of the World of Darkness by White Wolf Publishing but with a little affort and knowledge of HTML, CSS and JQuery you can add your own character sheets.We plan on adding Changelings, Werewolves and Mages at least.

For an example of character sheet, you can try this one - it is shared to public. You can read it, not edit.

Our news

Many bugfixes for authorisation and requiem character sheet.
Character sheet on github made easier to develop locally, added some decription. Added Contribute page.
Character sheet for mortal made printable. Oh, that was really hard.
At last I published the first version of web site. Character sheet for mortal is available.